The title to this post sounds illogical, but it is to call attention to the fact that we are using more and more technology to monitor our health, to get information on the internet, to get medical advice, share our health issues online, to look things up in order to help a friend or family member, and much more. But […]Continue Reading »

Today’s blogpost is a direct quotation from a newsletter from my coach, teacher, mentor and guide, Bob Tschannen-Moran, President of Lifetrek Coaching , former President of the International Association of Coaching, a former clergyman and current coach and marathon runner. At BodyVision Health Coaching, posts are designed to inspire and to motivate the reader to thinking about health and wellness […]Continue Reading »

BodyVision is dedicated to helping individuals create an inner and outer environment of success in achieving sustainable healthy habits on your own terms. Creating a success mindset is part of any creative endeavor, paving the path to your chosen destination. Overcoming obstacles is part of your journey and celebrating achievements along the way is your fuel to keep going! One […]Continue Reading »

Do you find yourself feeling anxious from time to time? If so, can you feel where it affects you the most, for example a tightening of the chest area, stiff shoulders or an ache in the stomach? Sometimes we’d hope for a remedy to the feeling, as if we could make the feeling go away and get on with our […]Continue Reading »

BodyVision supports the notion that your mindset is your most powerful tool in creating personal healthy habits on your own terms. One of the most common first questions we ask of our clients is to envision an ideal future, a wellness vision not connected to a specific timeline or set of tasks, but rather a picture of you at your […]Continue Reading »

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